We have a new person on the 4 month success team! Colleen just finished up her 4 month personal program with me and had amazing results, especially for starting at a smaller starting point than most. I believe the smaller you are the harder it is and more consistent you must be to finish up the results you want. That didn’t stop Colleen. She came to me and said she want to loose the last bit of inches of fat and tighten up her body. She also wanted to do a 20” box jump, a pull-up, kick up onto the wall in a handstand, and get stronger in her lifts. I told I could come up with a plan that will work but all she had to do was be consistent and do everything I ask. Colleen said she would because she is tired of not getting the results she wants. Colleen did just that. She worked so hard on all the extra work I gave her. She did three days of PowerFit, two days of CrossFit classes and some extra work I gave her for after class. She actually stopped most of her long running out side of the gym too. If Colleen had days she couldn’t get to the gym she did stuff at home. She was able to accomplish all her goals by the end. The box jump came within the first 2 weeks and all the other goals weren’t too far behind. Her lifts had huge PRs that she never believed she would come close to but we all knew she had in her. We are still working on the kick up to the wall, but it’s fear not strength. It’s there. As you can see above Colleen’s main goal was was definitely met. She tighten and toned up like she wanted and worked so hard that she ended up loosing a total of 8.5 lbs. Going from 144 to 135.5 pounds, lost 2.5 inches off her waist, 3 inches off her hips and just the other morning she did 5 reps at her old 1 rep max back squat. I’m very proud of her for sticking to it. Starting out smaller is a lot harder to stick to because the progress and results are harder to see and it takes a little longer. Colleen wanted to be comfortable in her skin again and it took a lot of precise consistency to get where she wanted to be. Great job Colleen, never settle and keep pushing toward new goals.

(2 rounds for time)
900 meter run
5 squat clean thrusters
7 bar muscle ups or 14 strict pullups
600 meter run
5 squat clean thrusters
5 bar muscle ups or 10 strict pullups
300 meter run
5 squat clean thrusters
3 bar muscle ups or 6 strict pullups

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