This Thursday the CrossFit Open begins. It’s a five-week, five-workout online competition that CrossFit athletes all over the globe compete in. It is the first stage of the season.

You can do it for fun, for fitness or to reach Regionals and fight for a chance to make it to the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

We will being programming the Open WOD every Friday for the gym. Who ever signs up for the open needs to be at one of the Friday classes to be judged and get your score or if you can’t make one of the classes you will need to make one of the open gyms to get the workout done before the deadline to submit your score. Those of you who do not sign up will still get to do the workout as a regular class workout on Fridays.

As a gym we will also be doing a little in house competition with the open workouts. Anyone, even if you didn’t sign up, that comes on Fridays will do the workout and will be placed on the in-house leaderboard, our whiteboard, over the next five weeks. At the end of the five weeks who ever places in highest percentile in their age division will win a prize. This will be done by percentage since some age groups are bigger than others. You just do the workout at your best ability and we will do all the math so you can see where you stack in the world against your fellow gym mates.

1000 meter row for time

(EMOM x 15)
M1: 20 push press @75/55#
M2: 20 SDHP @75/55#
M3: 50 double unders or 45 sec of double unders

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