We have another trainer birthday this week! So we are taking a break from Bridget’s workouts and hitting Paxon. CORE (EMOM x 12) 1: 8 seated KB deadlift 2: :45 toe taps WOD “PAXON” (AMRAP in 18 min) 34 double unders 3 rope climbs 4 power cleans 185/125#


Due to the open workout being on her actual birthday, Friday, today will be the day for that. Let’s see how you do compared to last year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! STRENGTH (25 minute clock) 1RM front squat WOD “Bridie” (5 rounds for time) 27 SDHP @75/55# 27 burpees


REMEMBER THIS THURSDAY IS GUYS NIGHT! THE 5:30PM LEAN-FIT AND 6:30PM CROSSFIT WILL BE CLOSED FOR THE BRO-CCASION! STRENGTH (EMOM x 10) M1: 3 clean pulls @100% of 1RM M2: 8 goblet squats @50/35# WOD (for time) 21 deadlifts @155/105# 21 push-ups 15 deadlifts @185/125# 15 burpees 9 deadlifts @225/155# 9 HSPU