Starting this Monday we will be closing the 6:30AM class, ONLY MONDAYS, I REPEAT ONLY MONDAYS 6:30AM class will be closed. All other classes on Monday’s will remain the same. All other days will still have the 6:30AM class. I REPEAT ONCE MORE, ONLY MONDAYS 6:30AM UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE WILL BE CLOSED. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(3 rounds)
1:00 plank
1:00 side plank
1:00 side plank
1:00 rest

(5 rounds for reps)
1:00 DB snatch @50/35#
1:00 box jumps @24/20”
1:00 SDHP @75/55#
1:00 push press @75/55#
1:00 REST

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