When you have taken a pre workout and felt that tingly itchy feeling, that isnt a bad thing. That is the amino acid beta alanine. This amino is something great to take pre workout if your looking for a boost in your workouts.
Beta Alanine is an amino acid that supercharges your muscle tissue, applying more energy to your workout. Another important role of Beta Alanine for the CrossFit athlete is that is assists to delay the rise of lactic acid in your muscles. Delaying that soreness mid workout allowing you to push harder for longer.

Beta Alanine is to be taken pre workout only. Test with low doses first below the recommend dosage for personal tolerance levels, that will help avoid the tingles.

(EMOM for 10)
MIN 1: 20 sit-ups w/ wallball @10/6#
MIN 2: 9 dips

(5 rounds for time)
5 deadlift @275/185# or 55%
10 bar facing burpees

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