MONDAY THE 4th WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY.  CLASSES WILL RESUME AS NORMAL ON TUESDAY.  STRENGTH (EMOM for 7) Hang squat snatch WOD (For time) 9-6-3 Power snatch @155/105# Push Press @155/105# -rest 5 minutes- 18-12-6 Power Snatch @95/65# Push Press @95/65#


WOD “FILTHY FIFTY” (For time) 50 box-jumps @24/20″ 50 jumping pull ups 50 kettlebell swings@35/25# 50 step walking lunge 50 knees to elbows 50 push-presses @45/35# 50 back extensions, 50 wall-ball shots @20/14# 50 burpees 50 double-unders


STRENGTH Front Squat 70% x3 80% x3 90% x3-10 WOD  IN TEAMS OF TWO 100 deadlift @185/125# 100 pullups  *must complete all deadlifts before moving on to pullups *must alternate every two reps. So partner 1 will perform 2 reps then partner 2 will. This will continue until the team hits 100 reps. 


STRENGTH Bench Press 70% x3 80% x3 90% x3-10 reps WOD (Three 6 minute rounds for reps) Push press @75/55# Airdyne for Cals Wallball @20/14# Row for calories Deadlift @185/125# Rest *each station is one minute 


STRENGTH/SKILL HSPU Negatives (OT2:00 5×4, @4 sec down *we are only doing the negative portion, once the head is on the floor you will kick down. You will not do a push-up back up WOD (For time) 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Front squats @115/80# 8-8-8-8-8-8-8 HSPU